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We are not interested in participating in the day-to-day operations of businesses. Rather, we prefer to
work with current management to refine existing business strategy and create actionable, realistic plans
to help drive the business forward to the next level.

While it’s important to understand the motivations and expectations of an investor, there must be a
balance of input when planning business growth strategy. It is also critical to examine the business from
the perspective of its owner and employees; these are the people with true insight into how the business
operates and how it has achieved its current level of success.

Approaching a business from the point of view of management and business owners enables us to make
more dynamic decisions that are better tailored to the specific challenges at hand. We tend to be less
aggressive and are highly sensitive to cultural fit.

Our Approach

Tim Scronce has applied these components throughout two decades of executive leadership with
highly successful results. Contact Us to learn more.

No-Nonsense Philosophy

Non threatening style - Scronce & Associates’ approach is a transparent, up-front, honest and cooperative style which is essential to building focused and motivated leadership teams.
Operator’s perspective - We bring an “operator’s” perspective to our deals, rather than a pure “investor’s” perspective. This enables us to identify with management and find solutions to real operations issues.

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"We  Provide Capital and Experience to Fast Growing Small and Mid-Size Businesses"
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