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Tim Scronce
Winston-Salem, NC entrepreneur Tim Scronce, is known not only for his aptitude for innovation,
but for involvement in his community as well. For the past two decades, Tim has served as
executive leadership in both private and public companies, large and small, with the common
thread being innovation, entrepreneurialism and maximizing all the resources of an organization.
Mr. Scronce has realized success by developing and inspiring his teams through a participatory
management style.

TelWorx Communications

Tim Acquired Telworx Communications in 2005, and served as President and CEO for seven years.
He immediately set out to restructure and reposition the company for growth. From its new
position, TelWorx was able to provide a broad range of products and services to the
telecommunications industry.

Lexington, North Carolina served as the headquarters for Telworx and its subsidiary companies.
Spread throughout the United States in Spokane, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Newark, and Orlando;
the company continued to grow its employee base while growing a profitable business. Abroad,
TelWorx served as a shining example of American entrepreneurship and ingenuity with offices in
the United Kingdom, Cairo, Delhi, and Shenzhen. Building a company across multiple continents has
aided Mr. Scronce in adopting an international attitude toward business; a greater understanding
and respect in cultural relations.

Tim and his team achieved success by understanding and supporting customers goals and
objectives. Key to this strategy was remaining flexible and easy to do business with. Some of the
companies that Mr. Scronce’s team supported are Verizon Wireless and Business, T-Mobile, AT&T
Wireless, BNSF, XO Communications, and Time Warner Telecom.

Blue Rhino Corp.

Before leading TelWorx, Tim Scronce served as President and COO propane exchange giant Blue
Rhino Corporation. This is where Tim harnessed his disciplined approach to profitable growth and
scaling a business. Leading the largest propane tank exchange company in America provided an
intricate understanding of growing a brand, scaling profitably, developing an infrastructure to
support growth and teamwork. Mr. Scronce’s understanding of consumer goods and direct-store-
delivery models help Blue Rhino achieve profitable growth while optimizing their cost basis.

Diageo, PLC

Prior to Blue Rhino, Tim Scronce held an executive position at Diageo, PLC, the world's leading
premium drink's company. There he managed Diaego's Canadian operations and served Diageo as a
corporate strategist. During his strategist assignment, Mr. Scronce worked on Diageo’s North
American distributor strategy, brand divestitures and global sales and trade marketing


A North Carolina native, Tim Scronce received his Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering
from North Carolina State University. Intellectually hungry, he went on to earn an MBA in Global
Management from the University of Phoenix. Being involved in the community is very important to
him. Mr. Scronce is active in his community and sits on a number of boards.

Tim launched small business private equity firm, Scronce and Associates, LLC in 2013 as well as
general management and business development consulting firm, Scronce Advisors, LLC. 

Tim also has commercial and industrial real estate holdings through Scronce Real Estate.

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